Friday, December 7, 2012

Malaysia 20 Pieces $1 ZA To ZW Prefixes (Missing ZF Prefix)

***A rather sassy set of 20 Pieces of the RM1 note with the Prefixes from ZA right up to ZW.
But sadly, the note bearing the Prefix of ZF is missing as it has been extremely hard trying to locate for one from North South & East West of Malaysia.
Before any Smart Alec out there tries to make a face and say that this ZF note doesn't exist, you are kindly advised to refer to the local numismatic catalogue that says it exists.
Its existence has been emphasised in 2 editions, not 1, in case you moron starts to yap that it's a pure unforeseen to err-is-human-like oversight.
Hey, if the book says ZF exists, then, the freaking ZF note exists OK & don't start to oppose for the sake of opposing, OK?
And if you think you are  so freaking smart, then, go ahead and publish a numismatic catalogue yourself and see if you  yourself will become an object of scorn and ridicule... 

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