Thursday, December 20, 2012

Malaysia 1986 $1,000 PMG Choice AU 58 EPQ

***A now demonetized piece of the once familiar looking $1,000 Malaysian banknote issued more than 20 donkey years ago.
A freaking crisp & nice banknote that looked like an Uncirculated piece but as usual, with the PMG's strict criteria as far as banknotes' grading is concerned, this banknote has been graded as Choice About Uncirculated 58.
But at least it comes with the three-letter-word EPQ & with EPQ, one is assured that this banknote has not been tampered or artificially 'enhanced' in any way or neither had it been given a chemical bath.
Of course, some banknotes graded by PMG come with out the EPQ tag & some come with "Net' grade and usually, a banknote graded 'NET' by PMG but did score high marks meant that that banknote could have been Washed & Pressed.
But of course, one can always cut that banknote out from its PMG holder and then send the note to PCGS for a second opinion.

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