Monday, December 31, 2012

Malaysia 1967 $1 Z/1 Replacement

***How time flies, yes, for this banknote is already 55 years old, much, much older than all you neophyte collectors out there.
But though half a century old, it's still holding its own with a firm and crisp paper but sadly its condition is only, maybe, About Very Good only, ya, do judge the banknote by the scan, like they always say, "because I am not a professional grader & I don't want to misslead(sic) anybody"...........
How come there were no Replacements for the 1967's $1,000 deno or say the $5 deno?
Yes, the answer is actually very simple, ie, all the notes for the $1,000 & $5 denos were printed perfectly, all scoring a perfect 10 & as such, none needed to be replaced & thus, the prefix of Z/1 for these denos became superfluous.
Yes, that's a perfect 10 answer for why the $1,000 & $5 1967 series had no Replacements, unless, of course, as usual, some Smart Alecs out there have a better suppositioned answer.........

Monday, December 24, 2012

Malaysia $1 ZB Replacement 100 Pieces

***From ZA all the way to ZW for the previous RM1 Replacement series, the ZB one is the most valuable or that's what the Malaysian numismatic catalogues have said.
There should some truth as all the 3 books couldn't be all so wrong, could they?
And if the books said that the RM1 ZB is expensive, then, it shall be expensive for who are we to defy what the learned books have immortalised?!
It's just like Santa Clause. If they say there is a Santa Claus, then, there should be a Santa Claus, so be it!
And if they say that Santa is now at the North Pole & standing by to bring you all your dreamed-of presents, then, he freaking will be bringing these presents to you with his reindeer powered sleigh, of course. 
And may you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wherever you folks may be, including you folks at the Noth Pole!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Malaysia 1986 $1,000 PMG Choice AU 58 EPQ

***A now demonetized piece of the once familiar looking $1,000 Malaysian banknote issued more than 20 donkey years ago.
A freaking crisp & nice banknote that looked like an Uncirculated piece but as usual, with the PMG's strict criteria as far as banknotes' grading is concerned, this banknote has been graded as Choice About Uncirculated 58.
But at least it comes with the three-letter-word EPQ & with EPQ, one is assured that this banknote has not been tampered or artificially 'enhanced' in any way or neither had it been given a chemical bath.
Of course, some banknotes graded by PMG come with out the EPQ tag & some come with "Net' grade and usually, a banknote graded 'NET' by PMG but did score high marks meant that that banknote could have been Washed & Pressed.
But of course, one can always cut that banknote out from its PMG holder and then send the note to PCGS for a second opinion.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $10 AA First Prefix

***2 pieces of the current RM10 series with the usual First Prefix crap of AA.
It's rather strange why some collectors are gloating over this issue knowing bloody well that 10 million pieces had been printed and 10 million pieces are hell of a lot for this regular note, yes, they bear the First Prefix but what's the big deal anyway?
Actually, it's rather strange what collectors do today esp. a regular note that's meant for circulation but is being currently sold at double its face value.
Actually, what has become of this world? Have the various collectors gone bananas or has the world gone flat?!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $5 Polymer LAST PREFIX "EM"

***Last year  various collectors, dealers as well as the omnipresent Smart Alecs proclaimed that the Prefix of EG was the 'Last Prefix' for this RM5 Polymer series.
But as usual, there wrong as EG was never the so-called Last Prefix as there were several other prefixes printed.
And now, EM has been proclaimed as the Last Prefix, and maybe these folks could be correct after all as they cannot be wrong all the time, can they?
But, what's so great about these Last Prefix banknotes as even my grandma has several hundred pieces and she is spending them like nobody's business.
What's the use of keeping them or hoarding them if everyone else have them?
Of course, in 20 or 30 years time, they might cost a bomb but where would one be in 20 or 30 years' time esp. when one knows that the 3rd generation normally squanders everything that you have built under the sun!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Malaysia 1999 $100 Ali Abul Hassan CENTRE SIGNATURE

***A rather ordinary stack of 100 pieces of the RM100 note issued way, way back in year 2000.
Why would anyone want to keep these for more than 10 years as you don't need to be an Oxford graduate to know that the omnipresent inflation would eat into the value of these notes?
And furthermore, if one wants to keep these numismatically, it's better to keep the one bearing the Side-Signature, instead of these which bear the Centre-Signature.
The reason is plain simple because the RM100 notes bearing the Side-Signature are more valuable among collectors and these Centre signed are more  common.
And that's what being strongly emphasised thru the Malaysian numismatic catalogues unanimously.
All 3 fantastic & well-written catalogues indicated that the RM100 Side-Signature RM100 notes are more valuable than the Centre-Signed ones and all the current 3-headlines-making catalogues are saying the same tting, ie, the Side signed ones are more valuable than the Centre Signed ones.
They cannot all be wrong, can they. They certainly must be 1000% correct, surely. Just like someone not so famous once said, 1 billion people couldn't be wrong, could they?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $1 ZAC Replacements Uncirculated

***For a very new Replacement issue, it's catalogued at a very high price by the various catalogues.
Could the catalogues be wrong? Impossible, as not all of them could be wrong, could they?!
And various newly anointed Smart Alecs are saying that this is a rare Malaysian Replacement too or so-called rare if one could put one's faith into the hands of these very 'learned' Smart Alecs but you do surely know that if one were to refer to History, these Smart Alecs had never been correct in their intelligent 'analysis.'
Where the hell they procured such invaluable info to conclude that a certain issue is rare should be a good topic for a PhD thesis....

Friday, December 7, 2012

Malaysia 20 Pieces $1 ZA To ZW Prefixes (Missing ZF Prefix)

***A rather sassy set of 20 Pieces of the RM1 note with the Prefixes from ZA right up to ZW.
But sadly, the note bearing the Prefix of ZF is missing as it has been extremely hard trying to locate for one from North South & East West of Malaysia.
Before any Smart Alec out there tries to make a face and say that this ZF note doesn't exist, you are kindly advised to refer to the local numismatic catalogue that says it exists.
Its existence has been emphasised in 2 editions, not 1, in case you moron starts to yap that it's a pure unforeseen to err-is-human-like oversight.
Hey, if the book says ZF exists, then, the freaking ZF note exists OK & don't start to oppose for the sake of opposing, OK?
And if you think you are  so freaking smart, then, go ahead and publish a numismatic catalogue yourself and see if you  yourself will become an object of scorn and ridicule... 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $5 Polymer Solid Numbers 8888888

***A Solid Serial Numbers that's universally liked by various numismatic collectors but of course, it's history and is already done with as it's now an obsolete issue & with obsoleteness, follows the usual price increment.
Will the price of this Polymer banknote charter never chartered before territory?
Definitely with any doubt due to the fact that many 'rubbish' that's being currently sold are themselves chartering territories never chartered before and as such, this banknote certainly deserves a special place high up pricewise one fine today tomorrow.