Monday, November 12, 2012

Malaysia $5 Polymer Serial Numbers 10000000

***The best thing about Polymer banknotes is that they do not suffer from foxing and many of the shortcomings papermoney suffer & polymer banknotes give the feeling that it somehow will last forever.
But of course, for those professionals in washing banknotes, you cannot chemically wash polymer banknotes if you so desperately want to and also, you cannot iron them to give them a much flatter look, as after all, that's what some collectors want & that's what some dealers would do, because if there's a demand, there must surely be a supply!
As such, if a Polymer banknote has a so-called Ang Pow fold, you cannot press it to make it UNC again; you can try it until Kingdom Come and get an elephant to press on it, but somehow a fold on a polymer note is forever.

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