Friday, November 16, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $1 AGP Prefix 1 Stack 100 Pieces

***A stack of the nothing-to-gloat-about RM1 Malaysian banknotes bearing the Prefix of AGP.
This is nothing but part of the quest to collect all the various prefixes printed & the cheapest way to do so is to collect the lowest deno of RM1.
If one is loaded, would one want to waste time collecting all these RM1 notes?
Needless to say, if one is loaded, one would be collecting the works of Picasso, Gaugain, Monet and many others....All these RM1 notes are nothing but child play, actually.
Of course, all the Prefixes from AAA right up to AGP are safely in the bag & next in the bag will be the Prefix of AGQ which should be arriving by Pos Laju, the latest by tomorrow, if not, then, by Sunday.
And according to the usually unreliable grapevine, AGQ could be the Last Prefix for this RM1 deno series.
But one particular dungu shouted so freaking loud from behind that AGR could be the Last Prefix.

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