Sunday, November 25, 2012

Malaysia 1981 $100 PMG Choice Uncirculated 65 EPQ

***Can you all believe how fast time flies as this 100 bucks banknote is already 30 years old?!
What you could buy with 100 bucks 30 years ago you couldn't buy today & you don't have to walk the corridors of Harvard to know the reason for that.
This banknote has altogether 6 prefixes in total and as such, the similar deno from the First Issue dated 1967 should be scarcer as the latter had only 3 Prefixes.
You don't need to be a high IQed Einstein to know that this $100 issue is not really a rare or scarce banknote as such.
And getting the PMG Choice UNC 65 is definitely not good enough as that's 65 out of 70, and as such, 65 is nothing to crow about as it's actually way off the desired 70........
But at least the condition of the paper on which this banknote was printed on has been deservingly described as Exceptional Paper Quality.
EPQ is apparently not just another freaking meaningless 3-letter-word as apparently those graded  without EPQs have specific reason or reasons for not being given EPQ by PMG & in fact, some chemically washed banknotes have been given the 'NET' instead of the desired 'EPQ.'

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