Saturday, November 24, 2012

Malaysia 1976 $1,000 PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58 EPQ

***In the 70s, $1,000 bucks were big bucks as not many wage earners actually earned this much at the end of every month.
As such, not many such big deno notes were left in high grade condition so the usual story goes.
Which moron wouldn't  want spend away this banknote and instead hide it away under the pillow, unless, that particular moron was way filthy rich & if he were to be that way filthy rich, would you think he would want to waste time collecting such obsolete banknotes, which is actually child's play?
This banknote looks like UNC, smelt like UNC & even felt like UNC, but somehow PMG thinks otherwise.
PMG is the world's NO.1 most credible & trusted banknotes grader and being conservative, it's no surprise this banknote has been 'slabbed' as Choice AU 58, and it's always better to be conservative than to overgrade and make an idiot of oneself.

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