Friday, November 30, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $5 Polymer Solid Numbers 9999999

***The ever popular, evergreen & ever durable Malaysian polymer note with the face value of 5 bucks but with God knows what sort of numismatic value it carries as not many of this issue featuring such a solid number are in collectors' hands, as what the usual unreliable grapevine has indicated and/or insinuated.
But the saddest & very regrettable part is that this polymer note is not in UNC  condition, esp. if one were to spend an hour or so scrutinising it under one's bedroom's light.
It looks more like a Good AUNC note. Or rather, it's an AUNC++ note, gradewise.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Malaysia 1981 $100 PMG Choice Uncirculated 65 EPQ

***Can you all believe how fast time flies as this 100 bucks banknote is already 30 years old?!
What you could buy with 100 bucks 30 years ago you couldn't buy today & you don't have to walk the corridors of Harvard to know the reason for that.
This banknote has altogether 6 prefixes in total and as such, the similar deno from the First Issue dated 1967 should be scarcer as the latter had only 3 Prefixes.
You don't need to be a high IQed Einstein to know that this $100 issue is not really a rare or scarce banknote as such.
And getting the PMG Choice UNC 65 is definitely not good enough as that's 65 out of 70, and as such, 65 is nothing to crow about as it's actually way off the desired 70........
But at least the condition of the paper on which this banknote was printed on has been deservingly described as Exceptional Paper Quality.
EPQ is apparently not just another freaking meaningless 3-letter-word as apparently those graded  without EPQs have specific reason or reasons for not being given EPQ by PMG & in fact, some chemically washed banknotes have been given the 'NET' instead of the desired 'EPQ.'

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Malaysia 1976 $1,000 PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58 EPQ

***In the 70s, $1,000 bucks were big bucks as not many wage earners actually earned this much at the end of every month.
As such, not many such big deno notes were left in high grade condition so the usual story goes.
Which moron wouldn't  want spend away this banknote and instead hide it away under the pillow, unless, that particular moron was way filthy rich & if he were to be that way filthy rich, would you think he would want to waste time collecting such obsolete banknotes, which is actually child's play?
This banknote looks like UNC, smelt like UNC & even felt like UNC, but somehow PMG thinks otherwise.
PMG is the world's NO.1 most credible & trusted banknotes grader and being conservative, it's no surprise this banknote has been 'slabbed' as Choice AU 58, and it's always better to be conservative than to overgrade and make an idiot of oneself.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Malaysia 2011 Zeti $10 Serial Numbers 10000000

***This is a piece of banknote that has gone around the country, being used from hand to hand, for God knows how many times.
And apparently, this seems to be a rare note, yes, accordingly to some Pakar Numis'.
Well, these Pakar Numis' definitely have a case to answer if this note doesn't turn out to be as rare as the Tasmanian Tiger.
But what's attractive are the Serial Numbers of 10 Million, 10 freaking million.
If only everyone of us could have at least 10 cool million bucks in our pockets, then, we all could get ourselves into some new hobbies......

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $100 Replacement ZA 0043210 Uncirculated

***The collection of Malaysian Replacement issues is a very serious affair among Malaysian numismatic collectors as some Replacements might take many years of hard labor income before one can even get a sniff at one, the finest example of which is the $100 ZU Replacement printed by the US Banknote Co which costs a bomb to locate, not to mention, to acquire.
Unless corrected, Malaysians must rank as Number One as far as the collection of Replacement issues is concerned.
And also, there is an endless stream of Replacement issues for the various denominations printed & sometimes, it's Replacements galore...
But how many Replacements are there with extremely low serial numbers or those with Solid Numbers or even those wth Ladder Numbers or some other freaking 'funny' numbers?
Is 0043210 considered as some sort of the 'Reversed Ladder' Number, if there is such a thing in the first place?
Maybe some Pakar Numis' or even some Smart Alecs out there could shed some precious light on this?!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $1 AGP Prefix 1 Stack 100 Pieces

***A stack of the nothing-to-gloat-about RM1 Malaysian banknotes bearing the Prefix of AGP.
This is nothing but part of the quest to collect all the various prefixes printed & the cheapest way to do so is to collect the lowest deno of RM1.
If one is loaded, would one want to waste time collecting all these RM1 notes?
Needless to say, if one is loaded, one would be collecting the works of Picasso, Gaugain, Monet and many others....All these RM1 notes are nothing but child play, actually.
Of course, all the Prefixes from AAA right up to AGP are safely in the bag & next in the bag will be the Prefix of AGQ which should be arriving by Pos Laju, the latest by tomorrow, if not, then, by Sunday.
And according to the usually unreliable grapevine, AGQ could be the Last Prefix for this RM1 deno series.
But one particular dungu shouted so freaking loud from behind that AGR could be the Last Prefix.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Malaysia $5 Polymer Serial Numbers 10000000

***The best thing about Polymer banknotes is that they do not suffer from foxing and many of the shortcomings papermoney suffer & polymer banknotes give the feeling that it somehow will last forever.
But of course, for those professionals in washing banknotes, you cannot chemically wash polymer banknotes if you so desperately want to and also, you cannot iron them to give them a much flatter look, as after all, that's what some collectors want & that's what some dealers would do, because if there's a demand, there must surely be a supply!
As such, if a Polymer banknote has a so-called Ang Pow fold, you cannot press it to make it UNC again; you can try it until Kingdom Come and get an elephant to press on it, but somehow a fold on a polymer note is forever.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $1 Polymer ZA 0000046

***A seldom seen low numbered Polymer Replacement but sadly, it has a lousy number and most sad is this banknote is not in UNC Condition.
It seems to be Good EF but under strong light, it's merely Fine plus, sad, real sad, but what can one do, as the previous owners of this banknote most probably know nothing numismaticswise, otherwise, this banknote would have been in its original virginal state of never having known what its like to be in circulation.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $10 AA 0080808

***Some folks can dish out thousands & thousands of dollars for a true blue solid number note, but for someone constantly lacking as far as dough is concerned, sticking to banknotes with sassy repeating numbers is a less costly option.
And it's no shame having such a less costly banknote in one's collection as after all why dish out a princely sum for a banknote when you can use that very same amount to, say, buy a brand new car or even buy your girlfriend a diamond necklace, after all, diamonds are a girl's best friend & if you are also your girlfriend's best friend, why not get an expensive diamond necklace for her instead of getting a freaking expensive banknote & then hiding it away in some dark bank vault?
So screw the expensive solid numbers' banknotes and stick to the laymen's repeating or radar numbers banknotes!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $10 AA & $20 ZA Same Serial Numbers

***Making sets of banknotes of different denos with same serial numbers seems to be en vogue these days by the ingenious Malaysian banknotes dealers.
And thinking about it, it looks easy making these same numbers sets but honestly, is it that easy to do so? It's easy if you have these notes but it would seem impossible if you don't have them in your hands, of course.
These 2 pieces were obtained at the ever famous Jalan Kulit Sunday flea market in wherelse but Penang.
Apparently, the dealer has many sets but was only willing to part with just 1 set. I don't blame him as after all he was parting at their face value & I wonder which moronic dealer in KL would do that? They will never do that, no matter how good they claim to be your friends.
These dealers would want to buy notes from you at the lowest & would sell you at the highest prices even if all of you have grown up together in some far flung village.
And I think I once heard that there is a saying that there are no permanent friends or enemies in the banknotes selling business. Maybe I could have heard that wrong & got it mixed up with another topic.