Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Malaysia 2003 NAM Non-Aligned Movement Coin Card

***This was a coincard that nobody wanted as early as 3 years ago but that was then & now is now as what was, then, crap has now turned into glittering gold for each piece is now selling for way above 100 bucks.
Definitely taking a contrarian position even in the numismatic world seems to pay off & what a pay off if you have them in large quantities.
These days, most if not all Malaysian coincards have the the so-called total 'Authorised Mintage' indicated at the back of each coin card but for this issue, that has been left out.
Does that tell you that the total mintage in fact could be just a few thousands or even a few hundreds? That nobody will never ever know even if you have the biggest & roundest crystal ball in front of you.

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