Friday, September 21, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $20 Almost Solid Numbers 8888898 Uncirculated

***Another fine example of a 'so near yet so far' banknote as far as Solid Numbers are concerned.
According to the usually unreliable grapevine, the Solid Numbers of 8888888 for this RM20 series have been sold for more than 10 grand, believe it or not!
But don't think you are hell of a smart by now calling the buyer an idiot, a dungu, a moron or some profanity-laden noun because for all you know, this 'stupid buyer' could have sold it to another collector for a few grand in profit as after all, it's very common to buy high & sell higher & for the new chap to sell even higher still, & its all simply because he has got balls.......

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