Friday, September 14, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $100 ZA Replacement Banknote Uncirculated

***A so-called ordinary RM100 ZA Replacement banknote so-to-speak & ordinary because that's what all you Smart Alecs out there have said so.
And, all of you cannot be wrong, can't you?
It would be scarce or scare or rare if this banknote would have say, five 0s or better still, 6 0s in front, I suppose.
And it's apparent that some dungus out there who think they are freaking smart by making cynical remarks when I honestly revealed  that I got this or that note from a money-changer or from the wet-market.
I suppose speaking in candor more often than not doesn't pay & in many ways, honesty is, most of time, not the best policy.
OK, OK, I bought the above banknote from Mudah, ok? Yes, I bought it from a chap who is a Powerseller on Mudah  & who has a few thousands of glowing feedbacks.....

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