Friday, September 7, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $100 ?A 000001? Uncirculated Banknote

***Another banknote in Good AUNC Condition in the form of the latest RM100 series with a rather delightful purplish hue.
Of course, there is nothing worth crowing about as far as this banknote is concerned as after all, it is NOT in UNC condition, a criterion which I just only got to know that every Malaysian Pakar Numis adheres to.
But, as an amateur collector, practically banknotes of all grades are in my small collection and not embarassed to say, most of the banknotes in my collection are not UNC; in fact most are under the VG category and whenever there's some extra pocket money, I will try to go for something better, namely, around Good AUNC or AUNC++.
The above note was picked up at the Friday Night Market at Jonker Walk in Malacca last week.
Anyway, a dealer has made an offer of RM350 for this note this morning and I think I might as well accept it as after all, it's pointless to keep too many banknotes inside the banknotes' album as eventually inflation will eat into them & if inflation doesn't get to them first, there is a strong possibility that the termites will.

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