Friday, September 28, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $5 Polymer ZA 0008880 Replacement Uncirculated

***This was the Malaysian Replacement banknote that so-called created waves last year because it was the very first time ever that this Polymer issue had a Replacement.
Is this Replacement 'rare' or not 'rare', that's the question that needs an urgent answer?!
Well, there seem to be quite a number of this Replacement being offer for sale online and that being the case, could it be, thus, 'rare' when it's such a common sight?!
However, those with lower Serial Numbers in the form of those with 3 Zeroes seem to be available in minute quantity as not many of these are put up for sale online or offline.
Could these be the Real McCoys & could these indeed be the actual rare ones whose future would be bright as its price will sure spike skyhigh in the not too distant future?

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