Monday, September 10, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $20 ZA Replacements 100 Pieces

***A Stack of 100 consecutive pieces of the latest RM20 ZA Replacements, which were acquired last weekend at the infamous Mother Of All Flea Markets, which is none other than the Sungei Road flea market in Singapore.
Ask me not how these notes ended down South over at the Little Red Dot as I know too little to make any dignified guesses.
Anyway, maybe these notes would command good value in the near future, hopefully, after all, the previous RM20 Malaysian banknotes are all commanding hefty premiums today, esp. the UZ Replacement which is now sitting pretty at the RM900 to RM1,000 levels for each piece.
Of course, the Learned One, Datuk Raymond Chang is so bullish about this note as if he got one freaking gigantic crystal ball in front of him thru which the future can be told to him.
But what's the use if the value of this Replacement spikes sky-high, say, in 20 years' time, as by then, lots of dough would be the last thing that I would need, as a walking stick is what I would most probably need, I suppose?

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