Friday, September 28, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $5 Polymer ZA 0008880 Replacement Uncirculated

***This was the Malaysian Replacement banknote that so-called created waves last year because it was the very first time ever that this Polymer issue had a Replacement.
Is this Replacement 'rare' or not 'rare', that's the question that needs an urgent answer?!
Well, there seem to be quite a number of this Replacement being offer for sale online and that being the case, could it be, thus, 'rare' when it's such a common sight?!
However, those with lower Serial Numbers in the form of those with 3 Zeroes seem to be available in minute quantity as not many of these are put up for sale online or offline.
Could these be the Real McCoys & could these indeed be the actual rare ones whose future would be bright as its price will sure spike skyhigh in the not too distant future?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

France 1994 50 Francs Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

***A rather small banknote in terms of size bearing the value of 50 French francs issued way back in 1994 honoring the very well-known French writer & aviator, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-1944), who was also a French aristocrat.
To those in the dark & to practically anyone & everyone from the anglophone world, the vignette on this banknote looks as if it belongs to the British silverscreen jester, Mr Bean.
But to those from the francophone countries, this is one of the greatest & highly revered Frenchmen who ever walked the Earth.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $20 Almost Solid Numbers 8888898 Uncirculated

***Another fine example of a 'so near yet so far' banknote as far as Solid Numbers are concerned.
According to the usually unreliable grapevine, the Solid Numbers of 8888888 for this RM20 series have been sold for more than 10 grand, believe it or not!
But don't think you are hell of a smart by now calling the buyer an idiot, a dungu, a moron or some profanity-laden noun because for all you know, this 'stupid buyer' could have sold it to another collector for a few grand in profit as after all, it's very common to buy high & sell higher & for the new chap to sell even higher still, & its all simply because he has got balls.......

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $20 AD 4444443 Almost Solid Numbers

***If you do not know what is the meaning of the commonly used phrase 'so near yet so far', then, the banknote featured today is an excellent example of what 'so near yet so far' is.
And if you still don't know what the fuck I am talking about, then, please go back to the Standard One classroom.
With the new series' banknotes commanding such hefty premiums for those bearing the various Solid Numbers, this so-called Almost Solid is definitely a better alternative as you don't have to crack your financial balls owning one as it just cost RM22 a piece, & bear in mind, an almost solid piece!
By the way, who is the moron who is having the Solid 4444444 note? Please don't tell us that it is none other than Datuk Raymond Chang....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Malaysia $1 Paperweight Bank Negara Money Museum

***This was all I inherited from my grandpa & to those who are always in the dark, this is an Original paperweight sold by Malaysia Central Bank's Money Museum about 10 years ago.
I said Original because there are bootleg copies being sold out there but the original ones come with a blue-colored velvet cover together with the official box which has the Central Bank's details on them.
And also, on these original paperweights, you can see the words "Muzium Matawang & Pusat Seni" on them, which are conspicuously missing on the bootleg copies.
My grandpa had class for he would never have touched pirated crap, esp. all things numismatic.
And after all, this paperweight only cost RM20 at that time & I suppose even a beggar could have own more than one as what can one buy even at that time for RM20?!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $100 ZA Replacement Banknote Uncirculated

***A so-called ordinary RM100 ZA Replacement banknote so-to-speak & ordinary because that's what all you Smart Alecs out there have said so.
And, all of you cannot be wrong, can't you?
It would be scarce or scare or rare if this banknote would have say, five 0s or better still, 6 0s in front, I suppose.
And it's apparent that some dungus out there who think they are freaking smart by making cynical remarks when I honestly revealed  that I got this or that note from a money-changer or from the wet-market.
I suppose speaking in candor more often than not doesn't pay & in many ways, honesty is, most of time, not the best policy.
OK, OK, I bought the above banknote from Mudah, ok? Yes, I bought it from a chap who is a Powerseller on Mudah  & who has a few thousands of glowing feedbacks.....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $20 ZA Replacements 100 Pieces

***A Stack of 100 consecutive pieces of the latest RM20 ZA Replacements, which were acquired last weekend at the infamous Mother Of All Flea Markets, which is none other than the Sungei Road flea market in Singapore.
Ask me not how these notes ended down South over at the Little Red Dot as I know too little to make any dignified guesses.
Anyway, maybe these notes would command good value in the near future, hopefully, after all, the previous RM20 Malaysian banknotes are all commanding hefty premiums today, esp. the UZ Replacement which is now sitting pretty at the RM900 to RM1,000 levels for each piece.
Of course, the Learned One, Datuk Raymond Chang is so bullish about this note as if he got one freaking gigantic crystal ball in front of him thru which the future can be told to him.
But what's the use if the value of this Replacement spikes sky-high, say, in 20 years' time, as by then, lots of dough would be the last thing that I would need, as a walking stick is what I would most probably need, I suppose?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $100 DC 0399930 Poor Man's Solid Number Banknote

***This is what I would call a poor man's 'Solid Number' banknote.
Since banknotes with Solid Numbers are being sold at a bomb, the next best thing is to settle on something more affordable, for example, a banknote with Radar Numbers or rather what I would term as a poor man's Solid Number banknote.
As I fall under the latter category moneywise, I have no choice but to settle for everything thirdbest and banknotes with Radar Numbers are what I could afford & frankly, it's better to have something rather than nothing & for pete's sake, I need to do something, I need to collect something, otherwise, I would start fagging again & these days, I can't stand fags anymore as they now make me puke to high heavens. I might end up getting hooked to expensive Cuban cigars instead, which I could ill afford.
And of course, when one owns a poor man's Solid Number banknote, there is practically nothing to crow about, but at least, do settle for the highest deno of RM100, instead of the lowest deno of RM1. Where the fuck am I going to put my face if the RM1 deno is all I could afford?
With prices for the RM100 Solid Numbers at such sky-high levels, I think I might have to sell my car if I want to acquire some & by the way, which one is better, own a car or own some Solid Number banknotes?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $100 ?A 000001? Uncirculated Banknote

***Another banknote in Good AUNC Condition in the form of the latest RM100 series with a rather delightful purplish hue.
Of course, there is nothing worth crowing about as far as this banknote is concerned as after all, it is NOT in UNC condition, a criterion which I just only got to know that every Malaysian Pakar Numis adheres to.
But, as an amateur collector, practically banknotes of all grades are in my small collection and not embarassed to say, most of the banknotes in my collection are not UNC; in fact most are under the VG category and whenever there's some extra pocket money, I will try to go for something better, namely, around Good AUNC or AUNC++.
The above note was picked up at the Friday Night Market at Jonker Walk in Malacca last week.
Anyway, a dealer has made an offer of RM350 for this note this morning and I think I might as well accept it as after all, it's pointless to keep too many banknotes inside the banknotes' album as eventually inflation will eat into them & if inflation doesn't get to them first, there is a strong possibility that the termites will.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $1 ZA 0000100 Replacement

***Ever since the issuance of the Malaysian new banknotes series, there have been lots of gloating & showing-off by all & sundry of various banknotes with various form of serial numbers online, via blogs or on facebook, if one even care to notice.
Some gloated that they have a particular form of solid numbers while others gloated with banknotes bearing repeated serial numbers while the rest showed off some Replacement pieces that in their opinion are so-called 'rare.'
Well, I honestly have nothing good or rare to showcase as I have nothing good in my possession which are worthy to gloat about.
The RM1 ZA Replacement that's featured today is definitely nothing to gloat about as after all, this is a very common Replacement which one can find in abundance for sale online & offline. A piece can be bought for as low as RM3 without the tiring necessity of constant haggling.
I got this piece through a fishmonger while doing markekting at the Chow Kit Road wet market & shit, it's not even in UNC Condition, and as such, there is nothing freaking worthy to gloat about and I am not going to waste another ounce of energy writing about this shitty note.