Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $5 Polymer Banknote Low Serial Numbers 0000002

***My recent trip to nearby Lhasa in Tibet yielded nothing, might as well make a one-way-trip to French speaking Timbuktu instead.
However, a trip to the money-changer, can't remember which specific one, at the LCCT was really worth it as that bloke there had the hereinfeatured banknote.
So, what one dungu once told me with regards to money-changers having lots of goodies is true after all.
As such, visiting money-changers, from now onwards, should be much better than visiting those Pakar Numis' who are busy riding into the numismatic sunset or had already done so, no matter how hard they are still trying to hang on.
However, this banknote is not UNC gradewise. It looks more like Good AUNC or AUNC++ or whatever.
Anyway, do judge the banknote thru the scan hereinattached and do grade it accordingly because I am NOT a 'professional grader' and as such, I don't want to misslead(sic) anybody, if you do get my freaking drift....

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