Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $10 Last Prefix QN

***Since the new series of the Malaysian banknotes have been issued, many Malaysian collectors, dealers & whatnots have been speculating and guessing what the last prefixes are for the now old series' banknotes.
Perhaps, many already know what the Last Prefixes are but for obvious reasons are not revealing them as after all why should they, as such info most probably cannot be told to anyone or everyone under the sun just as there is no such thing as free lunch.
What is the Last Prefix for the previous RM1 series? Ask me not as I know not.
But for whatever reason or reasons, several kind souls have mentioned that QN is the Last Prefix for the previous RM10 series.
I really don't know how water-tight or air-tight this info is but since it has been repeated several times ad verbatim, I suppose, then, that QN must, indeed, be the Last Prefix, as after all, sometimes even if it's not true but if its repeated often enough, it could be accepted as the truth and nothing but the truth.
So, since QN has been pronounced as the Last Prefix, QN will be the freaking Last Prefix for me and I thank my lucky stars that I have 1,000 pieces of this QN with me!
Unless of course, some Smart Alec(s) later on come & tell me that the Last Prefix could be QZ.....

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