Thursday, August 16, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $10 AA 00800000

***Truly a banknote that's not worth crowing about as it's just an ordinary banknote from the latest Malaysian RM10 series.
This pocket change came as change from the cashier of a supermarket located in Pudu Plaza and the only things that's attractive with this note must be its rather cute & sassy serial numbers. Otherwise, this banknote is meant to be spent & not kept for years, as after all inflation will eat into its purchasing value. I am definitely not an intelligent high IQed bloke, but even my goldfish knows that you cannot buy the same things with the 10 bucks you have today compared to the 10 bucks you have say, 5 years ago, etc.
And coming from the hands of a supermarket cashier, one certainly cannot expect a note to be in UNC condition even though its is a UNC conditioned note & true enough, this note is sadly not or rather no longer in Uncirculated condition.
It looks more like Good AUNC Condition, or if you like, AUNC++, but do try not to crucify me if my layman's grading is off target as I am after all not a 'professional grader.' If I have missled(sic) anyone gradingwise, ok, I will go hang me...........

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