Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Malaya British Borneo 1961 $10 Buffalo Note

***Not all the facts presented in some of the Malaysian numismatic catalogues are correct as after all, the authors are all human and as you may or may not know by now, to err is definitely human and yes, you can add that to forgive is indeed divine!
There have been lots of arguments over many tea-tarik sessions over many things numismatic, at least for me & in some instances, friendships built thru many donkey years have been strained just because of some silly numismatic discussions over some numismatic facts.
One of these is with regards to what is the Last Prefix for the Small A Prefix & the First Prefix of the Big A Prefix for the popular British Malaya's Buffalo Note series.
I want to put all that to rest once and for all because the scans of the banknotes herein attached are self-explanatory. You folks go figure out. And stop referring to what this or that freaking book has said. Fuck that book, for my pet's sake!
Oh by the way, someone made a mention that the Prefixes of ZF and ZAE exist for the Malaysian RM1 Replacement series.

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