Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Malaysia 2011 World Wildlife Fund WWF Proof Set Of 3

***The Malaysian WWF (World Wildlife Fund) proof Coins Series issued late last year must have been a unique issue as this must have been the last Proof Coins series with the 'usual' low mintage of '200 to 300' boxes, compared to those issued thereafter, which have doubled in quantity, mintagewise.
And not surprisingly, the open market prices of the various 2012's WWF coins have appreciated handsomely, with the Single Silvers & Set Of 2s having tripled their original issue price.
Even the WWF coincard has quadrupled its issue price and it's being speculated that this coincard would one day surpass the RM100 mark, mainly due to it being international themed and which in turn, results in strong demand from collectors all over.
Anyway, this is all grapevine chat from various Smart Alecs & whether this colorful coincard can charter unchartered territories, of course, will be left to be seen with the jury still being out in recess but if it does charter unchartered territory one day, then, let me put on record that some smart alec did say that.
Whether the 'bigger' issue Malaysian proof coins can command good 'sub-sale' prices will also left to be seen but nothing always seem to be what they seem on the outside as after all the Malaysian Police coincard with a rather 'high' Authorised Mintage of 20,000 is now commanding an astronomical price of almost RM300 and with its price at this level, wherelse can it go from here if not higher!

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