Sunday, July 1, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $20 Error Extra Paper

***As far as error banknotes are concerned, I am truly a real green-horn. And yes, call  me a dungu if you want if that makes your day.
I don't really know what the term that should be applied to this so-called error note, but common sense tells me it should be 'extra paper.' Hope that's correct, but then, I have already proclaimed that I am a neophyte at the onset as far as such banknotes are concerned, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, queueing up for these so-called 'useless', as some labelled them so, RM20 banknotes that come with a Folder has not been as fruitless as it seemed, as it indeed bore fruit for me as without realising it, there is some extra paper at the note's edge.
And, it seems the numbers found on that extra portion must indicate some sort of a date if my green-horn greymatter is correctly indicating so, unless some smarter Smart Alecs out there can truly enlighten us otherwise.
And by the way, I only found out that this banknote has the extra bit of paper last night. If not , I would have just sold it to a well-known local dealer for just RM30, the issue price, as looking at the quantity issued, I am doubtful its price will ever appreciate, at least not in my lifetime.
I am already 80 now, by the way.

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