Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Malaysia $20 ZA Replacement Banknote

***There seems to be a ZA galore for the new banknote series and in fact, these ZAs seem to be here, there & everywhere!
Will collectors become regular fools all over again by buying high & later on getting caught when the prices collapse will be left to be seen?
For those of you who are hoping that history will repeat itself, do sit on your skinny butts and keep on hoping and later on saying, "I tol' juh so."
But, surely, somewhere out there, there must be an asshole who has the all-desirable ZA with the Serial Numbers of 0000001 & regardless whether the ZA prices will bomb or not, it matters not for this lucky devil, obviously!
And for those dungus out there who are trying to subtly run-down the these new Malaysian banknotes via moronic insinuations online, they ought to be shipped to Tanjung Rambutan or better still, to a sanatorium in far-flung Siberia, whereby, hopefully, they would have Russian bears for company..................

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