Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Malaysia 1983 $500 About Uncirculated PMG 58 EPQ

*** This excellent piece of almost 30-yr-old banknote looked like UNC, felt like UNC & even smelled like UNC, but has been graded as only AU by PMG.
But, I do trust those folks at PMG and I am happy that this banknote has been graded as AU even though it looked UNC as a 'raw' ungraded note.
The last thing in this world I would like to do is to overgrade a banknote and to make things look bad, I am extremely lousy when it comes to banknotes grading, among many other things.
Consequently, another batch of my banknotes are on their way to PMG for their expert expertise and I would be extremely pleased with whatever grades given to my various banknotes as after all, PMG is the current undisputed, at least in my humble opinion, banknotes grader. And most of the stuff graded by PMG naturally command extra premium in the resale market.
And with the high standards & strict criteria maintained & practised by PMG, one can always buy with confidence a banknote that has been graded by them.
If you want to, you can say that you can sleep better knowing that the banknote you have just purchased has been accurately graded, compared to an overgraded banknote simply or purposely overgraded by an overzealous dungu online or offline seller.

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