Friday, July 27, 2012

Malaysia 2012 Installation Of The 14th King Proof Set Of 3

***The 2 previous similar issues have chartered unchartered territories pricewise & looks like this issue is following suit, even though its mintage is very much higher.
Looking around, you hardly see this Set Of 3 being put up for sale online of late. Where have the 500 boxes gone to?
Historywise, the previous 2 similar issues have been rather popular among collectors and this current one could be the same, unless of course, some Smart Alecs could enlighten us otherwise.
Oh c'mon, don't spew the usual crap that some 'unscrupulous' dealers are hoarding them as one does, indeed, gets tired hearing this same old tired crap.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Malaysia $20 ZA Replacement Banknote

***There seems to be a ZA galore for the new banknote series and in fact, these ZAs seem to be here, there & everywhere!
Will collectors become regular fools all over again by buying high & later on getting caught when the prices collapse will be left to be seen?
For those of you who are hoping that history will repeat itself, do sit on your skinny butts and keep on hoping and later on saying, "I tol' juh so."
But, surely, somewhere out there, there must be an asshole who has the all-desirable ZA with the Serial Numbers of 0000001 & regardless whether the ZA prices will bomb or not, it matters not for this lucky devil, obviously!
And for those dungus out there who are trying to subtly run-down the these new Malaysian banknotes via moronic insinuations online, they ought to be shipped to Tanjung Rambutan or better still, to a sanatorium in far-flung Siberia, whereby, hopefully, they would have Russian bears for company..................

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Malaya British Borneo 1961 $10 Buffalo Note

***Not all the facts presented in some of the Malaysian numismatic catalogues are correct as after all, the authors are all human and as you may or may not know by now, to err is definitely human and yes, you can add that to forgive is indeed divine!
There have been lots of arguments over many tea-tarik sessions over many things numismatic, at least for me & in some instances, friendships built thru many donkey years have been strained just because of some silly numismatic discussions over some numismatic facts.
One of these is with regards to what is the Last Prefix for the Small A Prefix & the First Prefix of the Big A Prefix for the popular British Malaya's Buffalo Note series.
I want to put all that to rest once and for all because the scans of the banknotes herein attached are self-explanatory. You folks go figure out. And stop referring to what this or that freaking book has said. Fuck that book, for my pet's sake!
Oh by the way, someone made a mention that the Prefixes of ZF and ZAE exist for the Malaysian RM1 Replacement series.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Malaysia 1983 $500 About Uncirculated PMG 58 EPQ

*** This excellent piece of almost 30-yr-old banknote looked like UNC, felt like UNC & even smelled like UNC, but has been graded as only AU by PMG.
But, I do trust those folks at PMG and I am happy that this banknote has been graded as AU even though it looked UNC as a 'raw' ungraded note.
The last thing in this world I would like to do is to overgrade a banknote and to make things look bad, I am extremely lousy when it comes to banknotes grading, among many other things.
Consequently, another batch of my banknotes are on their way to PMG for their expert expertise and I would be extremely pleased with whatever grades given to my various banknotes as after all, PMG is the current undisputed, at least in my humble opinion, banknotes grader. And most of the stuff graded by PMG naturally command extra premium in the resale market.
And with the high standards & strict criteria maintained & practised by PMG, one can always buy with confidence a banknote that has been graded by them.
If you want to, you can say that you can sleep better knowing that the banknote you have just purchased has been accurately graded, compared to an overgraded banknote simply or purposely overgraded by an overzealous dungu online or offline seller.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Malaysia $5 Polymer Serial Numbers 10000000

***During my recent trip down to the Little Red Dot known as Singapore, I was extremely excited when a very small-time Singapore banknotes dealer showed me this Malaysian RM5 Polymer note that comes with the Serial Numbers of 10000000, as I never knew this note existed, even though a few Smarts Alecs have told me so.
But I was also rather disappointed because the banknote was only in VF or Good VF condition and most Pakar Numis Malaysia have always stressed that UNC is the main criterion in banknotes collecting.
As it was not a UNC note, the Singapore dealer was kind enough to sell me at a price that you would probably laugh at.
And because I was still disappointed that the note was very far from UNC, I have subsequently sold it to local Pakar Numis, who in turn promised that he would not sell it off, whether for a profit or for a loss.
I, in turn, am now busy looking for a UNC piece. Don't hesitate to PM me if there is a piece for sale.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Malaysia 2012 Installation Of The 14th King

***Looking at the current online market prices for this recent commemorative issue, even a dungu knows that this is a winner and will be a winner.
Its coincard price has already appreciated despite its so-called 'high' Authorised Mintage of 15,000 pieces and its Set Of 2 is now getting prepared to sell itself 3 times its original price.
The strangest thing is that when various coincards were being, at one time, sold for less than RM20 a piece, nobody actually gave a hoot to them, but when prices hit skyhigh, eg the Shah Alam & Police coincards, so-called collectors hunt for them and these folks certainly couldn't be dungus or could they?!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Malaysia 2011 World Wildlife Fund WWF Proof Set Of 3

***The Malaysian WWF (World Wildlife Fund) proof Coins Series issued late last year must have been a unique issue as this must have been the last Proof Coins series with the 'usual' low mintage of '200 to 300' boxes, compared to those issued thereafter, which have doubled in quantity, mintagewise.
And not surprisingly, the open market prices of the various 2012's WWF coins have appreciated handsomely, with the Single Silvers & Set Of 2s having tripled their original issue price.
Even the WWF coincard has quadrupled its issue price and it's being speculated that this coincard would one day surpass the RM100 mark, mainly due to it being international themed and which in turn, results in strong demand from collectors all over.
Anyway, this is all grapevine chat from various Smart Alecs & whether this colorful coincard can charter unchartered territories, of course, will be left to be seen with the jury still being out in recess but if it does charter unchartered territory one day, then, let me put on record that some smart alec did say that.
Whether the 'bigger' issue Malaysian proof coins can command good 'sub-sale' prices will also left to be seen but nothing always seem to be what they seem on the outside as after all the Malaysian Police coincard with a rather 'high' Authorised Mintage of 20,000 is now commanding an astronomical price of almost RM300 and with its price at this level, wherelse can it go from here if not higher!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $20 Error Extra Paper

***As far as error banknotes are concerned, I am truly a real green-horn. And yes, call  me a dungu if you want if that makes your day.
I don't really know what the term that should be applied to this so-called error note, but common sense tells me it should be 'extra paper.' Hope that's correct, but then, I have already proclaimed that I am a neophyte at the onset as far as such banknotes are concerned, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, queueing up for these so-called 'useless', as some labelled them so, RM20 banknotes that come with a Folder has not been as fruitless as it seemed, as it indeed bore fruit for me as without realising it, there is some extra paper at the note's edge.
And, it seems the numbers found on that extra portion must indicate some sort of a date if my green-horn greymatter is correctly indicating so, unless some smarter Smart Alecs out there can truly enlighten us otherwise.
And by the way, I only found out that this banknote has the extra bit of paper last night. If not , I would have just sold it to a well-known local dealer for just RM30, the issue price, as looking at the quantity issued, I am doubtful its price will ever appreciate, at least not in my lifetime.
I am already 80 now, by the way.