Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Malaysia 2007 Police Force Coin Card

***Another current hot Malaysian coin card chartering unchartered territory pricewise is the huge Police coin card issued way back in 2007.
Even though it has an Approved Mintage of 20,000 pieces, but this has not stopped its current market price from breaking through the RM200 a piece barrier.
Perhaps, this coin card has been cornered and as such, due to strong demand, its price has shot up skywards.
But whatever it is, with its current price pattern, there is no doubt the price of this coin card will reach the RM300 mark before the end of the year & thereafter continues to charter unchartered territory pricewise.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

***Another suspected future Malaysian coin card star-performer in the not too distant future is this 45th Merdeka coin card issued in a low profile manner way back in 2002.
Apparently it is now selling at between RM130 to RM150 but with very, very tight liquidity.
According to various Pakar Numis', the total quantity issued for this coin card is extremely small & there should be some truth in this as very seldom do see this coin card being offered for sale. And if one bothers to look thru this coincard, one would discover that the total "Approved Mintage" figure is never stated.
With the ugly Shah Alam coin card having already crossed the RM500 mark a piece & the Police coin card alreday zooming past the Rm200 mark a piece, this 45th Merdeka coin card is expected to follow suit before the year ends or even earlier esp. due to its illiquidity. And of course, there is always the possibility of some motherfucking dealers hoarding them & as such, contributing to its current price rise.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Malaysia WWF 2011 World Wildlife Fund Coin Card

***Various Malaysian coin cards have been the talk of the town of late, with many chartering unchartered territories pricewise, with some of them hitting prices way beyond previous imagination but there is no need here for to mention which are these coincards that have had spike in their prices.
The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) coin card that was issued late last year in Malaysia is already suspected to be another future winner, if grapevine chat is something that we can trust upon.
Apparently, this WWF coin card was never sold at RM20 a piece online upon its issuance & now its online pricing seems to be around RM35 to RM45 but even then, one doesn't see lots of them being offered.
And bear in mind that its price had already spiked at at least twice its offered price not even a year from its issued date.
Some folks suspect the total issued could be less than 10,000 pieces as that figure is only the "Approved Mintage" figure & not the "Total Mintage" figure. And some suspect that this issue could have been 'cornered'.
Whaever it is, only time will tell, i.e., whether its price will hit RM100 in a years or two time?!