Friday, April 6, 2012

Malaysia $5 Polymer Replacements ZA 000xxxx

***Here are several pieces of the RM5 Polymer's ZA Replacements that come with the Serial NOs of ZA 000xx75 and beyond, the quantity of which that is available is up to your imagination.
Market perception is very important esp. for the pricing of any Malaysian banknotes, esp. so for the Replacement category.
And market supposition about the quantity available is another perception and it's usually nothing but just a wild guess!
Whether there are lots of these Replacements or otherwise and whether its price will hit sky-high or sky-dive, only time will tell...
For those in the know, they are waiting for the price to climb sky-high so that any unloading could be done before the price tanks!
For the rest, supposition is the only position you can afford to take as no explicit pictorials will be made available to you!

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