Sunday, April 8, 2012

Malaysia $5 Polymer Low Serial Numbers 0000008 Uncirculated

***A piece of the now-ended Malaysian RM5 Polymer series that bears the low & popularly desirable Serial Numbers of 0000008 in of course crisp Unccirculated condition.
Where have the rest of the preceding & following low numbers notes gone to, I know not, maybe, they have gone to the various ATM machines or inside Ang Pows, God forbid.
By the way, who is having the all-desirable RM5 polymer note that bears the Serial Numbers of 0000001 or even the complete set from 0000001 to 0000010 with the same prefix?
Apparently, according to strong grapevine chats, no one owns the latter set. But then, maybe 1 smart alec out there might brag to us that he has................

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