Thursday, April 12, 2012

Malaysia $5 Low Serial Numbers 0000003 Uncirculated

***And this is the 3rd best note from the current already ended RM5 Polymer series.
3rd best because the best note represented by the one that bears the Serial Numbers of 0000001 is without doubt the best, unless of course, one can find one that bears the ridiculous serial numbers of 0000000!!!
As such, which Pakar Numis is hanging on to that pivotal note that bears the Serial Numbers of 0000001?
If you folks have any info, do kindly share with us.......
Oh by the way, could this featured banknote actually be of the Replacement variety, ie, the one that bears the Prefix of ZA?!
One needs a bit of luck & also a bit of the 'be at the right place at the right time' sort of thing as I managed to acquired this banknote from someone who recently acquired it from a Singapore dealer during the recent Singapore's Money Fair & who in return acquired it from a small-time collector & who in turn acquired it from another smaller-time collector.

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