Saturday, April 14, 2012

Malaysia 1981 $10 First Prefix Uncirculated

***The Malaysia 4th Series banknotes must be considered the ever-evergreen series of the various Malaysian banknotes series, as right up to today, its immensely popular with various colletors, esp. the $5, $10, $50 & $100 series.
This could be due to the then Governor signing on 2 different designs, same as the current Governor.
Talking about the current Governor, would it be nice if the new banknotes series which will be out soon the mid of year had the name of their various printers on the them & wouldn't it be even nicer if the current Governor signed with a different signature or had her signature printed on the side of the banknote, I mean, just like the Ali Abul Hassan's side signature series style?!
If the new banknotes carry a differently signed signature & placed sideways, wouldn't that be nice as then, the 50,000 Premium sets' banknotes will be a pure limited edition issue with extra premium as they, then, will be totally different from those issued en masse for daily use.....?

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