Sunday, April 15, 2012

Malaysia $100 Solid NUmbers 8888888 Uncirculated

***Apparently, the current RM100 deno series had already ran its course & if you are still looking for a Solid 8 and/or a Solid 9 to complete your RM100 set, it's a tad too late to look for one as its not only due to the cessation of this series but there are actually not many of these notes to go around, esp. the Solid 9999999.
Most self-proclaimed Pakar Numis' know that the Solid 8888888 for the Rm100 is easier to get hold of compared to the Solid 9999999 as very few Solid 9999999s have actually surfaced.
The reasons for this are unknown; maybe some motherfucking dealers are hoarding them, maybe some small-time players are hoarding them, or maybe even myself am hoarding them, God knows....

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