Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Malaysia $1 ZAD Replacement Ladder Number 0123456 Uncirculated

***'ZAD' is indeed the last of all Replacements for the current RM1 series, & as such, please don't bother bugging our the various esteemed Pakar Numis' by bugging them if ZAD is indeed the last of all Replacements for the RM1 Series just in case if you don't trust me & I bet you don't.
And here is one with a half-past-six ladder number of 0123456 because every idiot knows that the actual ladder number should be '1234567' but I don't have this piece & sadly, the best that I have is this half-past-six version & in case if you have the proper laddered one, ya, go ahead & gloat you lucky fucker!
Lucky I was indeed as actually I got this half-past-six laddered one from a money changer in downtown KL & talking about money changers, these folks seem more interested these days selling numismatic banknotes than doing what they know best.

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Niewmismatic Error Coins said...

You are always that lucky!
Wish you always be so lucky!