Sunday, April 15, 2012

Malaysia $100 Solid NUmbers 8888888 Uncirculated

***Apparently, the current RM100 deno series had already ran its course & if you are still looking for a Solid 8 and/or a Solid 9 to complete your RM100 set, it's a tad too late to look for one as its not only due to the cessation of this series but there are actually not many of these notes to go around, esp. the Solid 9999999.
Most self-proclaimed Pakar Numis' know that the Solid 8888888 for the Rm100 is easier to get hold of compared to the Solid 9999999 as very few Solid 9999999s have actually surfaced.
The reasons for this are unknown; maybe some motherfucking dealers are hoarding them, maybe some small-time players are hoarding them, or maybe even myself am hoarding them, God knows....

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Malaysia 1981 $10 First Prefix Uncirculated

***The Malaysia 4th Series banknotes must be considered the ever-evergreen series of the various Malaysian banknotes series, as right up to today, its immensely popular with various colletors, esp. the $5, $10, $50 & $100 series.
This could be due to the then Governor signing on 2 different designs, same as the current Governor.
Talking about the current Governor, would it be nice if the new banknotes series which will be out soon the mid of year had the name of their various printers on the them & wouldn't it be even nicer if the current Governor signed with a different signature or had her signature printed on the side of the banknote, I mean, just like the Ali Abul Hassan's side signature series style?!
If the new banknotes carry a differently signed signature & placed sideways, wouldn't that be nice as then, the 50,000 Premium sets' banknotes will be a pure limited edition issue with extra premium as they, then, will be totally different from those issued en masse for daily use.....?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $5 Polymer Solid Numbers 8888888 Uncirculated

***The so-called universally loved & highly desired banknotes' Serial Numbers in the form of the 'prosperity bringing' Solid Numbers of 8888888 & this time on the already ended RM5 Polymer note.
Whether actual prosperity will knock on one's doors & thereafter lead to champagne & caviar lifestyle is another thing, but until then, the feel-good feeling for being able to caress & feel a seldom-seen banknote bearing these solid numbers is more than enough to compensate for any personal shortcomings!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Malaysia $5 Low Serial Numbers 0000003 Uncirculated

***And this is the 3rd best note from the current already ended RM5 Polymer series.
3rd best because the best note represented by the one that bears the Serial Numbers of 0000001 is without doubt the best, unless of course, one can find one that bears the ridiculous serial numbers of 0000000!!!
As such, which Pakar Numis is hanging on to that pivotal note that bears the Serial Numbers of 0000001?
If you folks have any info, do kindly share with us.......
Oh by the way, could this featured banknote actually be of the Replacement variety, ie, the one that bears the Prefix of ZA?!
One needs a bit of luck & also a bit of the 'be at the right place at the right time' sort of thing as I managed to acquired this banknote from someone who recently acquired it from a Singapore dealer during the recent Singapore's Money Fair & who in return acquired it from a small-time collector & who in turn acquired it from another smaller-time collector.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Malaysia $1 ZAD Replacement Ladder Number 0123456 Uncirculated

***'ZAD' is indeed the last of all Replacements for the current RM1 series, & as such, please don't bother bugging our the various esteemed Pakar Numis' by bugging them if ZAD is indeed the last of all Replacements for the RM1 Series just in case if you don't trust me & I bet you don't.
And here is one with a half-past-six ladder number of 0123456 because every idiot knows that the actual ladder number should be '1234567' but I don't have this piece & sadly, the best that I have is this half-past-six version & in case if you have the proper laddered one, ya, go ahead & gloat you lucky fucker!
Lucky I was indeed as actually I got this half-past-six laddered one from a money changer in downtown KL & talking about money changers, these folks seem more interested these days selling numismatic banknotes than doing what they know best.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Malaysia $5 Polymer Low Serial Numbers 0000008 Uncirculated

***A piece of the now-ended Malaysian RM5 Polymer series that bears the low & popularly desirable Serial Numbers of 0000008 in of course crisp Unccirculated condition.
Where have the rest of the preceding & following low numbers notes gone to, I know not, maybe, they have gone to the various ATM machines or inside Ang Pows, God forbid.
By the way, who is having the all-desirable RM5 polymer note that bears the Serial Numbers of 0000001 or even the complete set from 0000001 to 0000010 with the same prefix?
Apparently, according to strong grapevine chats, no one owns the latter set. But then, maybe 1 smart alec out there might brag to us that he has................

Friday, April 6, 2012

Malaysia $5 Polymer Replacements ZA 000xxxx

***Here are several pieces of the RM5 Polymer's ZA Replacements that come with the Serial NOs of ZA 000xx75 and beyond, the quantity of which that is available is up to your imagination.
Market perception is very important esp. for the pricing of any Malaysian banknotes, esp. so for the Replacement category.
And market supposition about the quantity available is another perception and it's usually nothing but just a wild guess!
Whether there are lots of these Replacements or otherwise and whether its price will hit sky-high or sky-dive, only time will tell...
For those in the know, they are waiting for the price to climb sky-high so that any unloading could be done before the price tanks!
For the rest, supposition is the only position you can afford to take as no explicit pictorials will be made available to you!