Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Malaysia 1985 $5 Crossover NK 00 Prefix

***The significance of the having the printer's name on Malaysian banknotes is very obvious as the earlier Malaysian banknotes with printers' names on them at times do command very high prices when they crossed-over scarecely from one printer to another with the continuance of the Serial Numbers and a great example of this is the $5 banknote dated 1985 signed by Jaffar Hussein that begins with NK 0xxxxxx.
A UNC piece of this banknote will cost you at least RM1,000 and I suppose most collectors do know about this already but what the hell, no harm repeating that fact to you once again! However, the normal $5 Jaffar Hussein's note will cost you at most RM20 and can be catagorised as a 'crap note.'
Of course, the King Of All Crossovers' banknotes is the $100 bankote signed by Jaffar Hussein and printed by Thomas De La Rue with the Prefix of ZX that easily commands Rm12,000 in UNC Condition, and how many of you have even seen this note, not to mention owning one?
As such, it's a shame that the current banknotes have no printers' name on them even though we might know who the printers were.
Imagine the RM1 banknote crossing over from the German printer, then over to the Aussie printer & over to God-knows-what printer and back to the German printer!
How exciting Malaysian banknotes collecting, then, will be and of course, for the lucky ones, they might own banknotes costing thousands a piece due to their scarcity in crossing over from one printer to another!

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Unexplored gem. truly !