Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Malaysia 1981 $100 Uncirculated

***A pivotal Malaysian banknote from the earlier series and something that every true classic Malaysian banknotes' collectors must have in their collections in order for their collections to be gloatable about.
Sadly, most of the banknotes from this particular deno & series have been properly washed and pressed without their current owners realising it, esp. those in the so-called 'high grade' category.
Indeed, many of the so-called high grade pieces of this series have been so nicely processed without their current owners realising it.
This particular banknote featured here today is definitely a piece, or rather a master piece as it is as fresh & virginal as it can get and above all, it also bears the Last Prefix of this series.
I am cocksure PMG would without any hesitation grade this banknote as PMG 67 or God knows, it could just as well be a notch higher at PMG 68, who knows!
Oh, by the way, this banknote is currently on its way to PMG!

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