Saturday, February 4, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $50 Solid Numbers 9999999

***2 pieces of the current RM50 Malaysian banknotes with the rather desirable Solid Numbers of 9999999, which in various Chinese dialects could mean 'longevity', 'play' or even man's best friend, 'dog!'
Of course, yours truly would prefer to get hold of the elusive prosperous Solid 8888888s but where are they & who is/are the bloke(s) who is/are so-to-speak 'controlling' notes with these numbers? No crystal balls can answer that, I suppose.
Maybe, they could be up north in Sungai Petani as after all LOTS of collectors there seem to have lots of 'goodie, goodie' stuff, or do they?!
Heard from news coming from there that even ridiculously & so brazenly claimed that a Premium Set Of 6 banknotes set bearing the Serial NOs of AA 0000999 has 'changed hands.'
Hey, don't talk cock lah & don't create make-believe stories lah...Try not not to live in a world of make believe, lah....

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