Saturday, February 18, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $100 ZE 0010000 Replacement Banknote

***Many Malaysian Replacement banknotes collectors are always worried whenever a new Replacement issue surfaces, & the first thing in their minds will be if this latest issue will later appear in big quantity or not, and for these folks, it's more like buying a stock in the stock-market & wondering if the price will tank tomorrow.
It's now already moot as far as the RM100 ZE Replacement is concerned if big quantities will appear & if that's what one is afraid of , then, I have yet to see a stack in existence.
And it wouldn't be surprising when several years down the road, the very same above collectors would be very willing to fork out RM500 to RM700 to buy a piece of the RM100 ZE Replacement, regardless whether its serial numbers are high or higher, just exactly like the RM100 ZB, whereby at RM500 now it would be considered extremely cheap but when it first appeared, no one bought at RM120 a piece!
That's the mentality of most Malaysian junior collectors, they are all chicken, they all want to make money but don't dare to take risks and you don't have to be a graduate of the Harvard Business School to know that no risk means no gains.
Many are small time players with little spare cash but want to join the big time but only possess hearts of chicken.
Let me put this in a straight-forward & in a candid manner in case you start to open your big traps & say otherwise. If you don't have the spare cash & heart, you have no place in this game.
And don't try graduating to the stockmarket as that's where one needs bigger brains & that's where you will, indeed, lose your pants.

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