Monday, February 13, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $10 Solid Numbers Replacement ZD7777777 Uncirculated

***It's obviously hard to see or find Replacement banknotes with Solid Numbers but they do exist, esp. if these replacements were printed in huge quantities and of course, by now, even Tom, Dick & Harry know that the RM10 ZD & ZE series have been printed in colossal quantites, almost as if there were regular issues.
And here is a piece with the Solid Numbers of ZD 7777777 and of course, in Uncirculated condition as what's the use of having one in crumpled grades like EF & VF & esp. so for purists.....?
And before any mischievous motherfucker(s) out there think this banknote is a 'consignment' from some other 3rd and/or 4th parties, let me put the record freaking straight here & that is, no 'consignment(s)' are allowed on this blog....
Common sense tells me that no one has a complete set of this ZD Replacement series as the 'shareholding' is quite evenly spread out among several collectors.
What matters now is who, who has the all important pivotal note, I mean the one that bears the Serial Numbers of ZD 8888888, a Serial Number very much craved for and constantly gloated about?!

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