Saturday, February 11, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $10 Solid Numbers 9999999 & 10000000 Uncirculated

***How many of you actually have seen the current Zeti's RM10 banknote series bearing the Serial NOs of 10000000? Very few, perhaps, 99 out of 100 have never seen, or better still, 999 out of 1,000 didn't know even it existed.
Only a select few actually own this RM10 note bearing this serial numbers & the numbers are so few that we can actually count them with out fingers & I have just counted & recounted and believe it or not, I realised that only an estimated 6 collectors have a piece of this 10000000.
As such, can we qualify this note as a rare note or maybe, the RM1 CR Ali Abul Hassan note is 'rarer?!'
You go ahead & define what is rare is rare or what rare is rare?!

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