Monday, February 6, 2012

Malaysia 1985 $20 1 Stack 100 Pieces Uncirculated Banknotes

***When the $20 denomination banknotes were first issued in Malaysia more than 20 years ago, they were meant for circulation, they were meant for daily use.
However, most were 'hoarded' and as such, one seldom did see the $20 banknotes being put to daily use.
Actually, the sub-sale prices of these banknotes hardly moved until these late few years & for the one issued in 1985, its price only had its upticks last year, more than 20 years after it first appeared.
If you had 'hoarded' them from day one, inflation and other factors would have eaten into your profits or whatever that's left of them.
Now, the RM20 deno is re-appearing again & the trillion dollar question is, will they be 'hoarded' again by collectors and dealers alike?!

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