Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Malaysia 1982 $500 About Uncirculated

***This Uncirculated banknote was despatched to PMG for their professional grading but was however returned & graded as About Uncirculated PMG 50.
I am not surprised as PMG has a set of strict criteria it follows so as to properly grade a raw note which to our naked eyes could be this or that grade but with 3 persons doing the grading, I suppose PMG knows best.
I have always been proud to own banknotes 'slabbed' by PMG as they are banknotes which have been professionally graded by numismatic professionals and there's never a doubt, at least in my humble opinion, as to the final grades of these notes.
I am actually preparing to have a batch of notes despatched to PMG for their professional expertise very, very soon.

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