Sunday, February 5, 2012

Malaysia 1967 1st Series Last Prefix Uncirculated

***This bunch of notes look as if they just came out from Bank Negara Malaysia's vault last night as they look so virginally pristine, so to speak.
How they have maintained their original conditions, with strong embossment, bright sheen & freshness & with no signs of tropicalisation is just beyond belief?
And these 1st series Malaysian banknotes that bear the Last Prefix must have, I am strongly convinced, just come out of the Central Bank's strongroom.
Even if these notes do show signs of tropicalisation, it would definitely be a cardinal sin to have them chemically washed, or to put it mildy, chemically cleaned.
Cleaning banknotes with strong chemical destroys the original condition of the banknotes, reducing their status to trash level but believe it or not, most collectors are unaware that they have acquired chemically washed notes, which were thereafter pressed or even ironed to make them look 'good.'
It is strongly believed that 70 to 80% of Malaysian banknotes of the earlier series in various Malaysian collectors' hands could have been washed before, but then, why would one complain as after all, when one pays peanuts, monkeys will be what one gets in the end.

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