Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bhutan 2011 The Royal Wedding banknote

***This banknote was issued last year by Bhutan to commemorate its Royal Wedding whereby its King has finally taken a bride & what a lovely bride!
I never knew Bhutanese women could be so good looking & she, with her sweet, well-chiselled face & nice, Hollywoodian high cheek-bones.
And apparently, Bhutan is also known as the Land Of The Happiness and recently, Singapore's Opposition Member Of Parliament made a mention in Singapore's Parliament about the 'happiness level' of Singaporeans vis-a-vis those of the Bhutanese, if I am not wrong. Correct me if I am wrong by all means.
But, one thing I know, I wouldn't want to live in Bhutan, at least not for a year, maybe a week as a tourist.
By the way, I am going to Tibet on this coming 2nd day of March and I wonder if Tibetans women are as good looking too....

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Hi Bro!
Enjoy your holiday!
Make sure you know your way to come home.
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