Friday, February 24, 2012

Malaysia Current $1 Banknote Series Last Prefix

***As the current Malaysian banknotes series are running the end of their courses as far as printing is concerned, many collectors as well as dealers, bigtime & small-time alike, are busy trying to catch and/find out the various Last prefixes of the various denominations.
The most affordable to get hold of is obviously the RM1 deno as after all 1,000 pieces only cost RM1,000 and holding on to them for years would not involve high holding costs as compared to the RM100 series whereby 1,000 pieces would involve RM100,000, enough to buy breakfast for two for many2 years to come.
However, the million dollar question is what prefix is the freaking prefix that is the Last Prefix?
I myself am blur about this as there is no crystal ball in front of me that can give me the straightforward answer.
The best answer, unsolicited if I may add, came from a chap in Penang who told me another another chap told him so, that the Last Prefix for the current RM1 Series is AGM, yes, you got it right, AGM.
But I did NOT say that. He said THAT & he heard from ANOTHER chap who said that & I am not sure if this another chap actually heard it from another chap, and honestly, I don't really give a shit about who heard it from whom, really.
The only freaking thing I know is even if I do know what is the Last Prefix for the current RM1 series, I am not going to tell you, because in the first place I don't think you will tell me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $5 Polymer ZA Replacement 1 Brick 1,000 Pieces

***Here is a brick of 1,000 pieces of the RM5 Polymer ZA Replacement banknotes, still in their original bindings and believe it or not, they are, indeed, in running numbers.
Obviously, the appearance for the first time of these ZA notes took everyone by surprise as it's the first time ever there were replacement issues for the polymer issue and above all, this issue coming after everyone thought it has ended at the Prefix of EG more than 2 years ago!
Are these ZA Replacements 'rare?' Whoever asking this question obviously needs to have his or her, or both, head(s) checked! Go & look in the basic dictionary what the hell the word 'rare' stands for if your command of English language is that poor.
Will collectors who obviously double as 'investors' get burnt all over again just like when they got their asses burnt a few years back when they got so bullish with the then 'rare' RM1 ZD replacement issue? Let history be the final judge & let you folks be the witnesses of the spectacle to come, if any!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $1 ZAC Replacement Banknotes

***History will show that the RM1 ZAC Replacement banknotes will, indeed, be categorised under the 'scarce' category.
And it's now clear to all & sundry that this ZAC issue is not so common after all as one can't see them for sale online or offline, whether they are low numbered or high numbered.
But when ZAC first came out, many collectors & small-time so-called dealers acted in a chicken manner & the only word they uttered was 'expensive!'
Now they are willing to buy at double the original price! I suppose just like at the stock market, most people would like to buy when the prices are high!
And the same thing with RM10 ZG Replacements. It costs RM35 each when they just came out & some small-time ass-holes even mentioned that they have seen stacks of these & as such, the price should be lower.
Tell me, where are these so-called stacks?! Hey, don't live in a world of make-believe lah! Don't spin stories when you have not seen these so-called 'stacks' yourselves.
Let me put it this way to you dungus - if you are a small fish, you will remain so no matter how many make-believe grandmother tales you spin!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $100 ZE 0010000 Replacement Banknote

***Many Malaysian Replacement banknotes collectors are always worried whenever a new Replacement issue surfaces, & the first thing in their minds will be if this latest issue will later appear in big quantity or not, and for these folks, it's more like buying a stock in the stock-market & wondering if the price will tank tomorrow.
It's now already moot as far as the RM100 ZE Replacement is concerned if big quantities will appear & if that's what one is afraid of , then, I have yet to see a stack in existence.
And it wouldn't be surprising when several years down the road, the very same above collectors would be very willing to fork out RM500 to RM700 to buy a piece of the RM100 ZE Replacement, regardless whether its serial numbers are high or higher, just exactly like the RM100 ZB, whereby at RM500 now it would be considered extremely cheap but when it first appeared, no one bought at RM120 a piece!
That's the mentality of most Malaysian junior collectors, they are all chicken, they all want to make money but don't dare to take risks and you don't have to be a graduate of the Harvard Business School to know that no risk means no gains.
Many are small time players with little spare cash but want to join the big time but only possess hearts of chicken.
Let me put this in a straight-forward & in a candid manner in case you start to open your big traps & say otherwise. If you don't have the spare cash & heart, you have no place in this game.
And don't try graduating to the stockmarket as that's where one needs bigger brains & that's where you will, indeed, lose your pants.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bhutan 2011 The Royal Wedding banknote

***This banknote was issued last year by Bhutan to commemorate its Royal Wedding whereby its King has finally taken a bride & what a lovely bride!
I never knew Bhutanese women could be so good looking & she, with her sweet, well-chiselled face & nice, Hollywoodian high cheek-bones.
And apparently, Bhutan is also known as the Land Of The Happiness and recently, Singapore's Opposition Member Of Parliament made a mention in Singapore's Parliament about the 'happiness level' of Singaporeans vis-a-vis those of the Bhutanese, if I am not wrong. Correct me if I am wrong by all means.
But, one thing I know, I wouldn't want to live in Bhutan, at least not for a year, maybe a week as a tourist.
By the way, I am going to Tibet on this coming 2nd day of March and I wonder if Tibetans women are as good looking too....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Malaysia 1976 Conservation Series Proof Set Of 3

***Seeing & touching this Set Of 3 Proof coin set from the Conservation Series issued more than 30 years back is definitely a privilege & of course, never a right!
Not many have seen this set in its entirety, esp. with that 1 oz gold coin as its centrepiece.
Of course, the now rather useless & commonly seen Set Of 2 sets are all over the place and many of those that come without boxes in fact have been cleaned as usual by the usual 'cleaners.'
Apparently, this rare Set of 3 set comes in blue & red boxes, the red one being the so-called UK edition. I might be wrong, I could be wrong.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $10 Solid Numbers Replacement ZD7777777 Uncirculated

***It's obviously hard to see or find Replacement banknotes with Solid Numbers but they do exist, esp. if these replacements were printed in huge quantities and of course, by now, even Tom, Dick & Harry know that the RM10 ZD & ZE series have been printed in colossal quantites, almost as if there were regular issues.
And here is a piece with the Solid Numbers of ZD 7777777 and of course, in Uncirculated condition as what's the use of having one in crumpled grades like EF & VF & esp. so for purists.....?
And before any mischievous motherfucker(s) out there think this banknote is a 'consignment' from some other 3rd and/or 4th parties, let me put the record freaking straight here & that is, no 'consignment(s)' are allowed on this blog....
Common sense tells me that no one has a complete set of this ZD Replacement series as the 'shareholding' is quite evenly spread out among several collectors.
What matters now is who, who has the all important pivotal note, I mean the one that bears the Serial Numbers of ZD 8888888, a Serial Number very much craved for and constantly gloated about?!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Malaysia 2011 $10 Solid Numbers 9999999 & 10000000 Uncirculated

***How many of you actually have seen the current Zeti's RM10 banknote series bearing the Serial NOs of 10000000? Very few, perhaps, 99 out of 100 have never seen, or better still, 999 out of 1,000 didn't know even it existed.
Only a select few actually own this RM10 note bearing this serial numbers & the numbers are so few that we can actually count them with out fingers & I have just counted & recounted and believe it or not, I realised that only an estimated 6 collectors have a piece of this 10000000.
As such, can we qualify this note as a rare note or maybe, the RM1 CR Ali Abul Hassan note is 'rarer?!'
You go ahead & define what is rare is rare or what rare is rare?!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Malaysia 1995 $500 Ahmad Don Uncirculated Banknotes

***By now, all collectors & dealers alike in Malaysia know that the $500 banknote signed by Ahmad Don is a scarce banknote, esp. in UNC Condition and more so, if found in running numbers.
But, how often has one even seen 7 fresh pieces in consecutive sequence esp in fresh UNC Condition? As such, go ahead & feast your eyes as these will never pass this way again.
Its banknotes like these that gives cause to crow and to gloat as these are international auction houses material.
Perhaps, it would be even better to send them to PMG to have them professionally graded & be returned as PMG 67 or even PMG 68 as they do indeed do qualify for such superlative standards!
Ha, ha, l'amour physique est effectivement sans issue & les rare billets sont eux aussi sans issue!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Malaysia 1982 $500 About Uncirculated

***This Uncirculated banknote was despatched to PMG for their professional grading but was however returned & graded as About Uncirculated PMG 50.
I am not surprised as PMG has a set of strict criteria it follows so as to properly grade a raw note which to our naked eyes could be this or that grade but with 3 persons doing the grading, I suppose PMG knows best.
I have always been proud to own banknotes 'slabbed' by PMG as they are banknotes which have been professionally graded by numismatic professionals and there's never a doubt, at least in my humble opinion, as to the final grades of these notes.
I am actually preparing to have a batch of notes despatched to PMG for their professional expertise very, very soon.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Malaysia 1985 $20 1 Stack 100 Pieces Uncirculated Banknotes

***When the $20 denomination banknotes were first issued in Malaysia more than 20 years ago, they were meant for circulation, they were meant for daily use.
However, most were 'hoarded' and as such, one seldom did see the $20 banknotes being put to daily use.
Actually, the sub-sale prices of these banknotes hardly moved until these late few years & for the one issued in 1985, its price only had its upticks last year, more than 20 years after it first appeared.
If you had 'hoarded' them from day one, inflation and other factors would have eaten into your profits or whatever that's left of them.
Now, the RM20 deno is re-appearing again & the trillion dollar question is, will they be 'hoarded' again by collectors and dealers alike?!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Malaysia 1967 1st Series Last Prefix Uncirculated

***This bunch of notes look as if they just came out from Bank Negara Malaysia's vault last night as they look so virginally pristine, so to speak.
How they have maintained their original conditions, with strong embossment, bright sheen & freshness & with no signs of tropicalisation is just beyond belief?
And these 1st series Malaysian banknotes that bear the Last Prefix must have, I am strongly convinced, just come out of the Central Bank's strongroom.
Even if these notes do show signs of tropicalisation, it would definitely be a cardinal sin to have them chemically washed, or to put it mildy, chemically cleaned.
Cleaning banknotes with strong chemical destroys the original condition of the banknotes, reducing their status to trash level but believe it or not, most collectors are unaware that they have acquired chemically washed notes, which were thereafter pressed or even ironed to make them look 'good.'
It is strongly believed that 70 to 80% of Malaysian banknotes of the earlier series in various Malaysian collectors' hands could have been washed before, but then, why would one complain as after all, when one pays peanuts, monkeys will be what one gets in the end.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $50 Solid Numbers 9999999

***2 pieces of the current RM50 Malaysian banknotes with the rather desirable Solid Numbers of 9999999, which in various Chinese dialects could mean 'longevity', 'play' or even man's best friend, 'dog!'
Of course, yours truly would prefer to get hold of the elusive prosperous Solid 8888888s but where are they & who is/are the bloke(s) who is/are so-to-speak 'controlling' notes with these numbers? No crystal balls can answer that, I suppose.
Maybe, they could be up north in Sungai Petani as after all LOTS of collectors there seem to have lots of 'goodie, goodie' stuff, or do they?!
Heard from news coming from there that even ridiculously & so brazenly claimed that a Premium Set Of 6 banknotes set bearing the Serial NOs of AA 0000999 has 'changed hands.'
Hey, don't talk cock lah & don't create make-believe stories lah...Try not not to live in a world of make believe, lah....

Friday, February 3, 2012

Malaysia 1986 $1000 Banknote Uncirculated

***A Running Pair of the Malaysian $1,000 banknote issued more than 25 years ago, many of this issue in low grades but extremely few & esp. so in consecutive sequence for the Uncirculated ones.
And with the grading professionally authenticated by well-known grading house, PMG, & furthermore designated as "EPQ", there is definitely no doubting anymore as to the grade of these 2 notes.
But even then, PMG doesn't simply overgrade and maintains its high grading standards whereby even though these 2 pieces are in sequence, both of them didn't get the same grading. That speaks highly of the high criteria PMG follows.
As such, buyers can buy at peace when buying already graded banknotes, esp. those by respected PMG as more often than not, 'raw' banknotes tend to be overgraded by their owners.