Monday, January 30, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $5 ZA Polymer Replacements

***Lots of surprises so early in the year of 2012 & one of them in the form of these RM5 Polymer Replacement issues, something never ever issued before but now out when the current polymer series in its ending phase and that's what makes this issue exciting for many, many collectors, the naysayers included & of course, c'est dû à la courtoisie de nos concitoyens de l'Hexagone, François Charles Oberthur!
It's surprising to discover that the fellas behind this current batch of polymer notes were not our mates from Down Under but instead from 'up north', France!
Already, there are lots of rumors from some loudmouth empty vessels collectors who claim so and so has the so-called 'low numbers' of this Polymer ZA series & to these poor-in-facts-motherfuckers, I would say, show me the pics and you can claim your Ang Pows and if can't do so in 150 hours, pass me the Ang Pows due to me, otherwise, it's wise to have your traps firmly & hermetically shut. When you rumor-monger to get some limelight but without facts or just with plain fresh crap, you, you the aforereferred to motherfuckers, lose credibility the next time you open your gaping hole....

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