Friday, January 27, 2012

Malaysia 2011 World Wildlife Fund Proof Set Of 2

***The issuance of this WWF's Proof Set series late last year signalled a shift in how the Central Bank sells such coins to the general public, whereby for the 1st time ever, each individual can only buy 1 item and can't queue for a 2nd time.
With this move, all loudmouth dealers have been killed with a stroke of the pen as they now can't get the above item in large quantities (serve them right, these motherfuckers) and another consequence from the Central Bank's action was the strong spike in the prices of the WWF's proof Sets, esp. the Set Of 2 & Single Silver set as no one person 'controls' a huge quantity of them.
It's already predicted in the back alleys & via grapevine that the prices of the these Set Of 2s & Single Silvers will go higher in time to come due to very few available for sale in the sub-sale market, with some dungus saying that the Set Of 2 is destined to touch the RM1,000 mark & with the Single Silver touching the the humble RM800 mark.
And the same learned dungus are saying that the coincards might touch RM80 to RM100 next year.
And actually, for once, I can't help but do tend to agree with these dungus.....

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