Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Set Of 6 Banknotes Same Serial Numbers, Same Prefixes Malaysia

***Definitely a set of very unique Malaysian banknotes with them all having the same Serial Numbers and Prefixes.
The future for this limited commemorative issue? Very good, esp. as a form of 'investment holding' as it will definitely outperform any so-called 'conservative' returns of 3 to 5%.
And for the immediate term, there shouldn't be any reason why this set of notes can't hit the RM800 mark, as the year 2007's Merdeka Folder issue featuring a single RM50 that was sold for RM60 is currently selling at RM500 each.
If the Merdeka Folder note can sell for RM500 each, surely this uniquely assembled Set Of 6 notes should be higher and very, very much higher in the long term and perhaps, it might astound you all when it breaches the RM1,000 mark one day!
Ya, you morons would then be yapping that you should have bought more or that you shouldn't have sold them last time, 2 very stale & often used statements which by now should long be buried in them dung heap.
After all, interests do come internationally from Temasek, China & Hong Kong, besides strong local interest.
But of course, as usual, folks normally do not buy when the price is low, as many like to listen to all sorts of unfounded rumors during the initial period and some of these preposterous rumors are so preposterous that even a 1-year kid would know that's crap but yet, so called collectors, dealers and whatever have a tendency to believe in them.
Let's see how long the Central Bank will continue to sell these notes to the public? And once the selling is done, will its price go up in the open market or will it go down?
Please use your grey matter to draw a simple conclusion, that is if you have any at all.

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