Monday, January 30, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $5 ZA Polymer Replacements

***Lots of surprises so early in the year of 2012 & one of them in the form of these RM5 Polymer Replacement issues, something never ever issued before but now out when the current polymer series in its ending phase and that's what makes this issue exciting for many, many collectors, the naysayers included & of course, c'est dû à la courtoisie de nos concitoyens de l'Hexagone, François Charles Oberthur!
It's surprising to discover that the fellas behind this current batch of polymer notes were not our mates from Down Under but instead from 'up north', France!
Already, there are lots of rumors from some loudmouth empty vessels collectors who claim so and so has the so-called 'low numbers' of this Polymer ZA series & to these poor-in-facts-motherfuckers, I would say, show me the pics and you can claim your Ang Pows and if can't do so in 150 hours, pass me the Ang Pows due to me, otherwise, it's wise to have your traps firmly & hermetically shut. When you rumor-monger to get some limelight but without facts or just with plain fresh crap, you, you the aforereferred to motherfuckers, lose credibility the next time you open your gaping hole....

Friday, January 27, 2012

Malaysia 2011 World Wildlife Fund Proof Set Of 2

***The issuance of this WWF's Proof Set series late last year signalled a shift in how the Central Bank sells such coins to the general public, whereby for the 1st time ever, each individual can only buy 1 item and can't queue for a 2nd time.
With this move, all loudmouth dealers have been killed with a stroke of the pen as they now can't get the above item in large quantities (serve them right, these motherfuckers) and another consequence from the Central Bank's action was the strong spike in the prices of the WWF's proof Sets, esp. the Set Of 2 & Single Silver set as no one person 'controls' a huge quantity of them.
It's already predicted in the back alleys & via grapevine that the prices of the these Set Of 2s & Single Silvers will go higher in time to come due to very few available for sale in the sub-sale market, with some dungus saying that the Set Of 2 is destined to touch the RM1,000 mark & with the Single Silver touching the the humble RM800 mark.
And the same learned dungus are saying that the coincards might touch RM80 to RM100 next year.
And actually, for once, I can't help but do tend to agree with these dungus.....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $1 ZAD Replacement Banknotes

***The latest to join the Malaysian Replacement banknotes series will be the current ZAD series and here are several in a row, nothing to gloat about of course as the numbers here are quite huge anyway.
One loudmouth said he has seen the low numbers of ZAD 0000001 to 0000010 and hopefully he can bring these to the fore to claim the Ang Pow of RM1,000 that I have offered if he is so cocksure the aforesaid 10 pieces exist.
But knowing empty vessels, they sure do make the loudest of all noises!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $10 Solid Numbers 9999999

***The purpose of featuring this 'pair' of the soon-to-be-extinct RM10 series with the Solid Numbers of 9999999 is simply not to gloat about them or show-off, like what some folks tend to do online, but to show all those paranoid & without-grey-matter junior collectors that at times, 2 banknotes do not neccessary share the same size.
As can be conspicuously seen, one note is shorter than the other by at least an mm. Why? Don't ask me why as such an occurrence is quite common.
But lots of neophyte collectors have the paranoia-filled tendency of concluding that the 'shorter' note must have been trimmed.
To such morons, can you give 1 bloody good reason why a note like this should be or ought to have been trimmed?! And how can one trim 5 to 10 consecutive notes and get them all look alike & above all, why would one waste time & effort trimming such cheap-skate notes?
Use your grey-matter & don't just blindly follow what catalogues say sizewise; if you have nothing good to say, then, it's best you shut your trap & make less of those supposition & paranoia-filled moronic comments, thankyouverymuch.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Set Of 6 Banknotes Same Serial Numbers, Same Prefixes Malaysia

***Definitely a set of very unique Malaysian banknotes with them all having the same Serial Numbers and Prefixes.
The future for this limited commemorative issue? Very good, esp. as a form of 'investment holding' as it will definitely outperform any so-called 'conservative' returns of 3 to 5%.
And for the immediate term, there shouldn't be any reason why this set of notes can't hit the RM800 mark, as the year 2007's Merdeka Folder issue featuring a single RM50 that was sold for RM60 is currently selling at RM500 each.
If the Merdeka Folder note can sell for RM500 each, surely this uniquely assembled Set Of 6 notes should be higher and very, very much higher in the long term and perhaps, it might astound you all when it breaches the RM1,000 mark one day!
Ya, you morons would then be yapping that you should have bought more or that you shouldn't have sold them last time, 2 very stale & often used statements which by now should long be buried in them dung heap.
After all, interests do come internationally from Temasek, China & Hong Kong, besides strong local interest.
But of course, as usual, folks normally do not buy when the price is low, as many like to listen to all sorts of unfounded rumors during the initial period and some of these preposterous rumors are so preposterous that even a 1-year kid would know that's crap but yet, so called collectors, dealers and whatever have a tendency to believe in them.
Let's see how long the Central Bank will continue to sell these notes to the public? And once the selling is done, will its price go up in the open market or will it go down?
Please use your grey matter to draw a simple conclusion, that is if you have any at all.