Friday, November 18, 2011

Malaysia 2011 $100 ZE Replacement Banknotes Uncirculated

***It's already moot to suppose or not to suppose if the current RM100 banknote series has run its course, as even a dungu knows the answer.
And likewise, one doesn't need to be a Pakar Numis Malaysia to know that the printing of the RM100 ZE Replacements has run its course.

In fact, this ZE series is very seldom seen and there is no so-called deluge of this issue being offered for sale online or offline.

Will this ZE banknotes repeat the performance of its cousin, the RM100 ZB Replacements?

Only time will tell but by then, its price will definitely be as high at the ZB or perhaps, even higher.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Malaysia 1986 $500 ZX Replacement Banknote

***If there is an apt word to describe this extinct & now-never-seen banknote, it should be generously tagged as the Grandfather of the Malaysian Replacement banknotes.
And there's a cause to crow like a rooster as how many of us have actually seen this banknote with our own eyes and/or even feel the embossment of this banknote, ya, a rare banknote if that's what you like to hear?

But I have, and I am going to sleep with it tonight.....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Malaysia 1982 $1 Keydate Coin

***Even though the 1981 Malaysian $1 coin was minted in two hundred thousands, yet, it is a coin which carris the 'keydate' tag as most Malaysian numis enthusiasts would like to have a piece in their albums.

And, of course, I have yet to see 1 piece in BU condition, yet I know that a BU one does exist and would definitely command a price very much higher than all the various numismatic catalogues put together.

For those who have the BU ones, sure, they have all the right to crow about what they have, after all, there is no harm crowing like a rooster once in a blue moon.....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Malaysia 1986 $5 Solid Numbers 8888888 Uncirculated Banknote

***Another banknote that warrants a few seconds to gloat over in the form of the ordinary 1986 $5 issue but one with the very extraordinary Solid Serial Numbers of 8888888, and of course in solid uncirculated condition.

Banknotes with the Solid Numbers of 8888888 are quite comon for the current banknote series but yet, their open market prices come with a thumping hefty premium and with banknotes issued more than 20 years ago that bear such so-called desirable and prosperous solid numbers, surely, the premium is very, very much higher or rather sky high, but I suppose, it's worth all the dough as it's a case of "I have it & You don't!"

Friday, November 4, 2011

Malaysia 1986 $10 First Prefix VM BA Banknote

***A stack of crisp & unusually fresh Uncirculated banknotes in the form of the 1986 $10 notes printed by BA Banknote & bearing the First Prefix of VM.

Not surprising at the rather high price this banknote commands versus similar ones printed by Thomas De La Rue as this one apparently only comes with 5 Prefixes compared to the rest which were printed in huge quantities.

No wonder this issue is selling at at least RM60 per piece in the current open market.

How some folks have managed to keep these 25 year-old notes in such mint & pristine condition is something is be amazed at & also to gloat at....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2003 Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) Proof Set Of 3

***And from under the staircase of a very low-profile collector, here is the nothing-to-shout-about Set of 3 Proof Coins in a box issued in 2003 for the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Show.

These proof coins come in a rather odd-shaped plastic-like box, and of course, with the tiny 8.6gm pure gold coin as its centre piece.

The gold coin should be worth around RM1,500 today, based on its weight vis-a-vis the current spot gold price & as such, this Set of 3 should be worth around RM2,000 to RM2,400, as after all, only the gold coin has value as the other 2 pieces in the form of silver & copper-nickel are mere fillers.

My collector friend is trying to sell this set to me at a ridiculous price of RM3,500, but I am not biting.

Definitely, something that's not worth gloating about. The best thing to gloat about is having a low-numbered Replacement banknote & that's really my cup of tea, I suppose.