Monday, October 3, 2011

Malaysia 2011 $50 ZC Replacement Banknotes Uncirculated

***I still remember how my backside got burnt thru the RM1 'rare' ZD Replacement banknotes and since then, I have promised my grandma that I wouldn't want to put good money into these Replacements crap.

Once burnt, twice shy, as they so aptly put it!

But, as usual, I never seem to be able to keep my word when an old runner with a gift of gab this morning convinced me to buy these freaking RM50 ZC Replacements, saying, there is 'future' in these.

What the fuck was this old fox talking about, what bloody future,heaven knows?

And I almost pissed thru my khaki pants when he showed me 4 stacks of these notes starting from the Serial Nos of ZC 0000001 to ZC 0000400.

There could be hundreds of stacks of these all over the place!

Anyway, since he was only offering these to me at a mere RM55 each, I decided to take these 3 pieces as these 3 numbers are the lucky numbers of my pussycats & who knows, these might bring me truckloads of prosperity soon.

By the way, the above runner has already sent the ZC0000001 banknote to PMG to be graded & he is praying that it will be tagged PMG 68, as after all, the PMG folks are the undisputable experts as far as banknotes grading is concerned.

Apparently, he wants to put this banknote for auction thru the coming Spink Auction as he is a bit miffed that despite the low numbers, nobody locally is willing to pay him at least a thousand Ringgit for it.

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