Saturday, October 1, 2011

Malaysia 1998 Paperweight $2 AA0000000

***A unique paperweight issued more than 10 years ago by the Central Bank Of Malaysia featuring an unissued RM2 note bearing the all-desirable Serial Numbers of AA0000000.

This paperweight comes with a box & a blue-colored velvet cover. However, most similar paperweights being sold online & offline don't come with these.
The banknote encased in the paperweight is a rather unique one as it's not available in any other form & as such, there have been contemplated attempts to crack open one & retrieve the very much desirable note.

Apparently, one well-known Pakar Numis Malaysia has tried doing so but made a mess of it big time!

And now, the Venerable One, the low-profile Malaysian numismatic market leader, Datuk Raymond Chang, is planning to crack open a similar paperweight in order to get that bloody encased note out, apparently, so that he can crow & gloat about it all to you & me obviously.

I am waiting to see the outcome of Datuk Raymond Chang's attempt to do so & if he could, I will get mine cracked open too & that way I too can gloat & crow like him!

But guys, do you know that Datuk Raymond Chang wants to charge me a professional fees of RM200 just to crack open this lousy paperweight?

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